Comfort Niche

Up to $42 free cryptocurrency when creating an account on

$42 free cryptocurrency for US residents when you deposit and purchase $100 of bitcoin ($62 if you set up recurring weekly purchase)

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Set up an account on

Get $10 of bitcoin free when you sign up on and spend $100

  • Create an account on (double check that the url starts with
  • Verify your account and transfer $100
  • Buy bitcoin and receive $10 in free bitcoin. You can sell it immediately or hold it for the future. If you also purchase bitcoin on a schedule then you will also receive $10 of free bitcoin on the 4th and 8th purchase!

Complete tests about new emerging cryptocurrencies.

  1. Click on Earn Crypto
  2. Complete tests for the following cryptos. They only take about 1 minute each to complete and it will also help you learn about cryptocurrency
  • (FET) - $3
  • Clover Finance (CLV) - $3
  • The Graph (GRT) - $4
  • Amp (AMP) - $3
  • Stellar Lumens (XLM) - $10
  • Compound (COMP) - $9

Sell immediately if you want to and cash out to your bank account or use it to buy another cryptocurrency.